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KM series
It is possible to move in the column bar, and a compacter load stand.
jl-501d(electric vertical load measuring stand)

It is a especial small and light-weight commodity.
Movement at maximum speed is enabled by pushing ghigh speed buttonh while operating, and repeated operation is improved.
It is push-pull load measuring stand up to 500N (50kg).
The column bar (installation parts such as sensors and measuring instruments) can be freely moved within the range of the stroke , and it can correspond to wide measurement and inspection.

- Combining acceptable model
Push-pull tester:AP seriesAMP seriesAMPS seriesiMPS-500N or less)AMPC seriesiMPC-500N or lessj
EDigital force gauge:
AD-FG series

Model KM-501E
Size mm(length ~ side ~ depth) 650~230~310
Weight About QO
Permissible capacity at rated load
center distance
The maximum stroke P00
Sending speed 5`100mm/min

Main body externals dimensional drawing

Detection machine installation board
It makes an effort as brought close to a color as original as possible, and there is an image when it is actual and it differs somewhat from the color.
Please acknowledge it.
There are semi-standardized goods and special goods besides the above-mentioned, too. Please inquire.
Moreover, it will produce if the measuring load, the stroke, and the speed, etc. can be specified and consult, please.
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