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PC Torque analyzer
The high-speed screw tightening torque can be analyzed with the personal computer.
- The characteristic of the torque is displayed with the graphics screen.
  Screen display of various torque curves by connecting personal computer with torque examination machine.
  Data from the torque sensor built into the main body of the testing machine is displayed on the screen with the personal computer, and it prints it with the printer.
- It is possible to examine it by the real condition.
  It is possible to examine it by actual work by the use of an electric driver who uses it on the site.
  In a past torque examination machine, actual tightening work or disregarding is not so useful for the setting of the working condition because it tests in low speed. it was possible to become itWhen the tightening condition is actual, this machine can be examined because the torque sensor is connected directly with an electric driver.
- The operation is easy.
  The personal computer operation is unnecessary while data is taken.
  A high-speed sampling of 1000 data per second is processed. Moreover, it is possible to examine it doing all processes from taking data to writing the file by the automatic operation and continuously.
- The calculation and the analysis of data can be automatically done.
  Various data is calculated automatically, and the edit and the analysis are easy in the mouse. Various data calculation and analyses can be instantaneously done. Moreover, it functions excelling by overlapping data in the comparison with other samples.
- The test report can be printed automatically with the graph.
  Paste is unnecessary in a troublesome word processor operation and the graph. The testing condition, the test data, the numerical result, and the characteristic graph input beforehand are printed out as a test report.
Vectrix Ltd. handles "PC torque analyzer" over many years.
It is "Screw torque figure analysis system. " of the self tapping screw.
Vectrix Ltd. kHP Vectrix Ltd.l
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