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push-pull tester
digital force gauge
load stand
digital torque checker
measuring jigs
PC torque analyzer
software to take date & etc.
Software to take data and etc.
RS-232-COM (free distribution goods)
Data taking software for digital force gauge (ARF series)& digital torque checker (ADT-C series)
Download : here.
*TelemeasureEEE It is a system to input the wireless to PC as for the measuring data.
*Telemeasure Application Software
- QCPRO EX(inspection transcript automatic making system)
- QC PRO(measurement data automatic operation input and QC managerial system)
- QCPRO CS(real network system)
"Telemeasure" is a development system of Vectrix Corporation.
EEEDetails : fromHP Vectrix Corporation
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