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Digital force gauge AD-FG series that enhances standard output and is efficient

Easiness to use, high performance, and the low price were achieved.
- As for the digital display, it is reversible.
EThe digital display can be reversed up and down by the mode setting.
- The various kind of an external output is standard equipment.
EUSB connection
EPrinter output(the printer is exclusively for Digimatic miniprocessor from MITUTOYO(DP-1VA))
- The minimum display value is detailed.
EFor instance, the minimum display value is 0.01N in 100N.
  It is 0.1N in 500N.
- Combination agreement load stand
Catalog of AD-FG series / Manual of AD-FG series
Accessory (for standard type) externals dimensional drawing

- Standard accessory
EAC adaptor
EUSB cable

Model(AD-) FG1 FG5 FG10 FG50
Measurement range }1.000`
sFunction descriptiont
ŸCompression Peak/Tension Peak Mode
A series of insertion / removal maximum measurement is
separately displayed on a two-section screen.
ŸExternal input / output function
The gauge can be operated by receiving external
1.Continuous data capture signal "COP": It is possible to
capture the data and see real-time changes while the "COP"
signal is being input at 2KHZ intervals.
2.One-shot data capture signal "INT": Data can be captured
at any time.
ŸUSB connection
By connecting to a personal computer (PC) via USB, it is
possible to change the settings of this gauge by the PC,
or send data to the PC.
ŸPrinter output
Data can be output to a printer without PC.
*Please use Mitutoyo's Digimatic Mini Processor (DP-1VA)
as the dedicated printer.
ŸWith backlight
Clear visibility in dimly lit places.

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