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MPL series
Mass load measuring instrument that exceeds 1KN
Four kinds of 1KN-5KN
MPL series Feature
This type is suitable for large-scale push-pull load measurement from 1KN to 5KN.
It can be reset with one push for working improvement, and the following measurement is proceeded at once.
Six kinds of attachment and a grip to handle are attached normally.
Please use it for various measurements.

- Guaranteed term One year
- Example of using measurement
EIntensity measurement of welding
EIntensity measurement of caulking
Catalog of MPL series
Main body externals dimensional drawing
Accessory (attachment) externals dimensional drawing
standard accessory
Model Greates
measured value
scale value
Accuracy Stroke Weight
MPL-1KN 1‚j‚m 5‚m }0.2% of full-scale 10mm About 3.7Kg
MPL-2KN 2‚j‚m 10‚m
MPL-3KN 3‚j‚m 10‚m
MPL-5KN 5‚j‚m 20‚m
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